Meet Richard. In 2004, he was given a diagnosis of lung cancer. Over 12 years later, Richard is one of the most celebrated and outspoken lung cancer advocates. At the time of his ten-year anniversary since diagnosis, he received extraordinary news. After a decade, Richard’s tumors had disappeared and his doctors were using the word remission.

To celebrate, he invited his loved ones to turn his negative into a positive. He asked them to take his black and white lung scans, which had so often been the bearer of bad news, and turn them into colorful art that would inspire him to stay hopeful in the face of his disease.

The Richard’s Rays initiative takes its inspiration from Richard and encourages people touched by lung cancer to use lung scans as their canvas to create works of art. In doing so, the colorful, vibrant scan art represents a symbolic, defiant, act against lung cancer: we will not let lung cancer stop us from living.

Explore the community’s scan art masterpieces, called Rays, create your own, and share with loved ones and on social media. Perhaps you’ll even ask loved ones to show their support in the fight against cancer by creating their own Ray. Each and every Ray helps all of us in the lung cancer community to spread positivity and to embrace beauty in all of the moments of life.



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Start Creating

Use your scan or download the scan canvas provided here. Grab some paints, pens, and brushes and start creating. You can even follow in Richard’s footsteps, by asking loved ones to create a Ray for you. Click the button for instructions and don’t forget to upload your Ray to the gallery. We’re excited to see your scan art masterpiece!


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