Hilda Pua

My name is Hilda.

Mrs. Pua initially felt a back pain. She consulted a physician who ordered a chest X-ray. A lesion was found in her lung, and like many Filipinos, was suspected and treated as a patient with a lung infection. Months after, without any relief of symptom, she and her family continued to worry.

They consulted with another doctor who ordered another chest X-ray and CT-scan. This time however, results showed that she has multiple lesions in the lungs. She was advised to get a biopsy done.

My biopsy’s result was lung cancer.

Her family sought consult with multiple physicians who had the same impression. I was afraid because when you say cancer, to me, it might mean that I will never get better.

What did you tell them after that?

I told them there are new medications available now. I told them not to worry about my condition because I know my condition will improve because of the medicine prescribed by my doctor.

How did the treatment make you feel?

Yes, there was a difference because I felt that I was getting better. It made me happy because I felt better in my body and I gained my appetite again. I felt like I can eat anything, I was no longer picky with my food.

Is there anything you’d like to tell people who also have lung cancer?

To my friends who also have lung cancer-do not be afraid. Your condition will still improve because there are now new treatment options. I was also afraid before but now that my condition improved, I realized the new treatment is okay. There are new medications for lung cancer so just always pray. We will get better. Let’s eat healthy, exercise, and relax. Let’s be compliant to our medicine and our lives will improve.

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