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NED (No evidence of disease) for two years

Friends & Family

Every relationship changed, but for us, it was mostly in a good way.

My relationship with all of my friends and family strengthened, but different people deal with things in different ways. Some people were very happy to help from afar, and some people were right there on our doorstep asking what they could do to help. Both ways are incredibly helpful.

A lot of people say that, after a cancer diagnosis, you realize who your true friends are. We just realized that our true friends were even truer than we realized!

Going through cancer and having the support of our circle of friends and family has made us appreciate everyone more. Not that we didn't before, but the way everyone rallied around us and sent us their love and support just made us really, really appreciative.

Diagnosed in 2004

Friends & Family

My being diagnosed has changed my relationship with everyone in my life.

I have friends that call me every day now. My diagnosis, and living with cancer, is harder for friends and family than it is on me. They have to just watch.

We're all a lot closer because of this. But we all live scan to scan.

I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. I know that sounds crazy but these relationships are so important to me that it brings my life to a different level.

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