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NED (No evidence of disease) for two years

Diet & Nutrition

As much as I can control, I try to control. I eat organically whenever possible at home, but when we go out and the meal is out of my control, I just enjoy myself.

Diagnosed in 2004

Diet & Nutrition

I believe in everything in moderation. But I could still cut down on sugar. It's in my head, but there are times when I just can't pass on a packet of peanut M&M's!

It is important to eat right. It's better for my body to eat less sugar and it's better to eat more fruit and vegetables.

I eat well, I feel pretty good. Your body doesn't always want to eat as much food as your typical person, so rather than three big meals a day I'm much better off having four meals a day, or even a fifth - a snack - in the evening. When you have pulmonary issues, the more bloated your stomach is, the more it's going to press against your diaphragm.

A lot of times people call me and tell me to try this and that, it's going to cure you or make you better. My doctor's always said: "You can do anything you want, just ask me first".

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