Suggestions From People Like You

There will definitely be changes in your life after being diagnosed with cancer. Below you'll find some things that have helped other people in your situation and may help you, too. Remember, you know what may work best for you. These suggestions may also help you stay motivated in your fight.

  • "If you're still smoking, please try to quit. There's no question that it's hard to do. There are many free programs to help you quit smoking."
  • "Taking care of yourself is always a good idea. Reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake"
  • "If you're heavier than you'd like to be, speak with a nutritionist to create a well-balanced diet to help you be the correct weight for your body"
  • "Any exercise, even going for a walk, can help you feel better, stronger, happier, less tired, and lower any anxiety. Begin slowly with an activity you enjoy, whether it's swimming, dancing, biking, or yoga. Of course, always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program"
  • "You should expect to be tired during treatment. Be kind to yourself and rest or nap when you need to"
  • "If you're feeling nauseous, eating smaller meals every few hours may be helpful. If you're not feeling hungry, these mini-meals can help you keep your strength up"
  • "Good support groups can make a difference. When you're feeling overwhelmed, it's good to know that there are other people going through what you are. These helpful groups may even be as close as the hospital or clinic where you're being treated. There are online support groups available, too"
  • "If you were assigned a caseworker, or nurse navigator, take advantage of their knowledge. They're trained to help you before, during and after your cancer treatments. Your navigator may have some good ideas to help you manage the challenges you could be facing"
  • "You are the expert on you and your body. Be open and honest with your healthcare team about how you're doing. The more upfront you are, the better armed your team is"
  • "Many cancer organizations have a wealth of resources online that you can take advantage of if you look for them."

Your healthcare team may have more good suggestions.